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The costs of getting it wrong

According to 2017/2018 Employment Tribunal statistics, the average award for unfair dismissal was £15,007 and the average award for disability discrimination was £30,698.

And that's before you include legal fees, management time and internal/external reputational damage.

Organisations can be fined £10,000 for inadvertently employing someone who does not have the right to work in the UK.

Failing to pay the National Living Wage can result in fines, back pay and public listing which can damage your reputation.

It can also result in loss of skills, high absenteeism and reduced productivity from your people.

The benefits of getting it right

A consistent and transparent approach to your people matters will provide your employees with the trust and confidence that you aim to do the right thing.

This means your people are able to focus better on what you need them to do.

By providing your people with clarity on expectations, your people will be working with you to achieve your strategic aims and be free from confusion or distraction.

When people understand what is required of them and trust that they will be treated fairly, they are more emotionally engaged in your business and will go the extra mile.

Happy employees are more productive employees.

How we can help you to get it right

Whether you want an HR health check, policy development, case management, training or project input, 2020 HR can offer you what you need at a price which suits your budget.

We can provide regular support for all your HR needs or ad hoc input and advice as you want it.

From setting up robust HR practices to supporting disciplinary & grievance processes, we can help your business be protected from unnecessary costs and hassles.

If you are looking to introduce new benefits or need to restructure, we can be on hand to help these go smoothly.

Delivering a no-nonsense approach that addresses your commercial needs is 2020 HR's main focus.

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